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 E-04 Musashi Ninja Workshop

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[E-04 Workshop by 3 Ninjas
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           E-04  Musashi Ninja Workshop
            "Be a shinobi for a day!"


This is a seminar for a group of more than 10 people
150,000yen per seminar


 60 minutes   (15,000 yen / 30 minutes after an hour)


 Asakusa Kanko Center, or Kawachiya in Shibamata
 or at any place in Tokyo specified by you.


 3 Bugei/geino-Shinobi,
 1 English speaking Liaison-Shinobi


 1. Purification Embu
 2. Introduction to our history
 3. Meditation and Demonstration by our Ninja
 4. Introduction to hand craft ninja weapons
 5. Hands on Experience- ninja stars and blowgun
 6. W
 7. Photo time

バナー テキストAccording to our clan legend, one of our ancestors had a dream one day about 260 years ago. There, a deity named Izuna-gongen, in the form of KarasTengu, appeared to him, and taught him to make weapons with chains.  He woke up and crafted what were instructed to him by the god. They turned to be very handy as weapons and tools.
       Since after this dream, KarasTengu has been regarded as a clan guardian spirit. Still today, KarasTengu Kagura (sacred) dances are often performed in our gatherings and festitivies.

We hope this will be a unique cultural experience for you, as only the people invited by our clan members can see this embu in our dojo on happy occaitons.

忍者が教える教室 バック転、津軽三味線、護身、忍者教室(手裏剣と吹き矢)、通訳訓練