Ninshidan Organization Chart    NPO

Council by 10 Ninshi

 National    Order

Federation of  Ninshidan  Japan

@Federation of  Ninshidan Argentina

@   Federation of @    Ninshidan Mexico

@   Federation of     Ninshidan USA

  National     HQ

 Musashi Ninshidan

@Fafuh Ninshidan
  Comodoro, Chubut

@Oowashi Ninshidan           Veracruz

   Kenryu Ninshidan      Phoenix Arizona

 Regional  Orders

 Kanto, Chubu, Kansai










   Transnational    Ninshi Rank





 7 NPO Trustees




 3 NPO Members


 Administration  Aide



 Kanrei 1st Class
 Ninshi 4th Dan

 National  Commander


 Administration of the  national order

 Kanrei 2nd Class
 Ninshi 3rd Dan

Regional/National Commander

 Council or National Commander

 Administration of the  regional Order


 Onmitsu 1st Class
   Ninshi 2nd Dan


 Council or Regional

 Administration of the  brigade

 Onmitsu  2nd Class
  Ninshi 1st Dan




 Administration of the  chapter

 Orgnizes and leads a@team to carry on a mission


* shall make use of  ninshido ideas for  peace support  operation
* shall submit an  activity report to the  upper order once a  year
* may form a squad  if necessary
The education system and grade tests can be arramged independently providing there should be no contradiction to the Code of Ninshi (empathetic resonance & water mirror).


  Shinobi  1st  Class


 Shinobi 2nd Class (Ninja)



 Participation in Training

                                       Exam fee licence fee

5th Kyu   

After Becoming a member       10 times

Honjin or Online

Etiquette manners


4th Kyu

After achieving the 5th Kyu     20 times

Honjin or Online



3rs Kyu

After achieving the 4th Kyu     30 times

Honjin or Online


3000 /3000

2nd Kyu

After achieving the 3rd Kyu     40 times


Basic Ninjutsu  


1st Kyu

After achieving the 2nd Kyu    50 times


Activity report,


1st Dan

From the 1st Kyu    50 times  15yrs old~


Activity report,
Thesis Ninjutsu


2nd Dan

From the 1st Dan   100 times  20yrs old~


Activity report,
Thesis  Gorin


3rd Dan

From the 2nd Dan  150 times 25yrsold~


Activity report,
Thesis Gotoku


4th Dan

From the 3rd Dan   200 times 30yrs old~


Activity report,
Thesis Kyomei


5th Dan

From the 4th Dan   250 times 35yrs old~


Activity report,
Thesis Mizukagami


Instructor  Qualification 4th Dan or over


 Thesis Wa


 Musashi-ryu    Martial Arts   Performing Arts   Tea Ceremony   Interpreting


Number of Attendance to Training



5th Kyu   

After entering dojo                 10 times

Honjin or Online

30days/10 times

4th Kyu

From the 5th Kyu    20 tiems

Honjin or Online

40days/20 times

3rs Kyu

From the 4th Kyu    30 times

Honjin or Online

50 days /30 times

2nd Kyu

From the 3rd Kyu    40 times


60  days/40 times

1st Kyu

From the 2nd Kyu   50 times


100 days/50 times

1st Dan

From the 1st Kyu    50 times   15yrs old~


Hombu 50 times 15 yrs old ~

2nd Dan

From the 1st Dan   100 times  20yrs old~


Hombu 50 times 20 yrs old ~

3rd Dan

From the 2nd Dan  150 times  25yrs old~


Hombu 100 times 25 yrs old ~

4th Dan

From the 3rd Dan   200 times 30yrs old=


Hombu 100 times 30 yrs old ~

5th Dan

From the 4th Dan   250 times  35yrs old~


Hombu 100 times 35 yrs old ~

Shihan Qualifications  Musashi-ryu 4th dan ~ 
                                      Ninshido 2nd Dan ~



Jonin no Gi
Jokun no Gi       Recognition of Outstanding Contribution  (Service to Community, Volunteer Work
                            Recognition of Outstanding Contribution  (Cultural  Work

The Musashii clan is a shinobi samurai organization that advocates peace.
   Historically, t
he shinobi were a behind-the-scenes support group to the people,.
   The clan founded a Think  and Do Tank and this entitiy has become the
NPO: Ninshidan (Order of Shinobi Samurai) hereafter "the orde"r. The order is not a martial arts organization. The purpose of this organization is to uses shinobi's ideas to support international peace. We also regard the preservation of our shinobi samurai traditions and developing them and the education of our memebers are important missions entrusted by our ancestors.

The Ninshidan (the Order of Shinobi Samurai)
The Ninshidan (the order of shinobi samurai) , is an activity group, which may have chapters (centers/dojo etc.) and teams to act, as needed.

If there are multiple chapters in the same area, a regional administrative federation will be established to facilitate operations.
Similarly, if there are multiple regional orders in a country, a national administrative federation will be established.
Upon becoming a member, one gets to refer to him/herself as ninshi (shinobi samurai). The ninshishu is subdivided
to Kanreishu, Onmitsushu, and shinobishu depending on the contribution to the order and the respective community. )

 Activities shall be non-profit for supporting peace and be conducted in accordance with the laws of each country and region.
If the activities of the federation or order do not agree with the purpose of the Musashi clan, the Ninshi Council has the right to dissolve it.
"Ninshido tenets (empathetic resonance/water mirror)" determined by the Musashi clan should be upheld as fundamental ideals by every order.
Each order may create its own education and rank systems based on the Code of Ninshi.
Each order decides their path to pursue to realize the concept of empathetic resonance and water mirror, focusing on such training as mental, physical, spiritual, technical or on making efforts to contribute the society.
   The order will submit an activity report once a year to the higher organization.
The order shall participate in Musashi Matsuri to report their activities at least once in 4 years.
The Council will assess the volunteer activities of each order for their contribution to respective community.

Registration Fee
   Each order is to pay 10,000 yen annually to the Musashi clan for its registration for the first 3 years. The Council will issue a certificate for 3 years.
    Head of the order shall pay an annual membership fee of 5000 yen.
  Members and alliance members pay an annual membership fee of 3.000 yen.
The registration fee is to be reviewed in 2024 in January and thereafter every year. The registration fee of the order shall include the licence fee.

 The Council will issue a license number to each licensee from 2024.
 The name of the member order should be placed on the official ninshidan homepage in Japan with a photo and the name of the commander. Without the above-mentioned, no group or organization is licensed to use the terms: ninshi, ninshidan or Musashi clan.

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