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    The Musashi Ninja Clan
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英語 忍者体験 Ninja Experience  Samurai Experience Japanese armors


 Jutte Kobo

Shibata Sadataro Takenaka

Our Master Ninja Kazuchika

My name is Kiyomi Vanessa  Shibata and I am the 18th  generation head of the Musashi  Clan. My shinobi name is  Suzak.


                              Our Heritage

   Till about a decade ago, I didn't know very much about my      grandfather. I just knew him as a retired officer from the
   Salvation Army. But after his 50th memorial, my father
   revealed to me very amazing histories of my grandfather
   and my onmitsu ancestors who worked for the Tokugawas
   in Edo.

                              Suzak  (Kiyomi Vanessa Shibata)
The 18th generation Rep. of the Musashi Clan

What is Ninja?

  We have defined the contemporary ninjas as members of a tight-
  knit clan whose goals every member shares.
  From  the end of the 16th century, our clan developed the system
  of Onmitsu (Tokugawa Ninja).
  Some of our ancestors were samurai generalists with expertise in   matters of stealth and combat. Some were specialists, becoming   adept at social skills, magic, or interaction with nature. Some were   artists, scholars, priests, wrestlers or weaponsmiths who worked
  to keep law and order and peace of the country.
  All sought to maintain "balance" or peace of mind in life to survive,   and trained themselves
to heighten their awareness and   perseverence.

Still today the ninjas, in striving to reach their goals, develop the   individual persons and sensibility to survival. They protect others,   stand up for freedoms, and build a great community of friends.
  Our ultimate goal is to reach and follow the path to the  " 空 (Ku)"
  or no-self, where there is no conflict. 

Our Ryuha (school)
  Because of its assimilation of various aspects of the other martial
  art forms, we have decided to call our the martial arts of our clan   "Musashi-ryu". And ninjutsu comprises one part of our   comprehensive arts. It is popularly known as Musashi-ryu   Ninjutsu  cf:
About us

What we offer
Our ancestors made efforts for peace-keeping in the country, so
  we feel it our mission to work for the same cause. Thus we have   begun our activities to build a bridge for international friendship by   introducing the fundamental spirit of our shinobi culture and offer   some programs to entertain friends from abroad. We think it
  means a lot to both, our guests and ninjas to have an opportunity
  for ultural exchange

                                                                          イケメン忍者 東京 武蔵一族 忍びの衆 Good-looking ninja in Tokyo