The Musashi Clan   Musashi-ryu Edo Onmitsu
        Ninja/Samurai Experience


      東京都北区田端6-3-5 時代アカデミー道場




      Our ancestors served Tokugawa Shogunate (1603-1868) as their onmitsu (ninja),and        we have kept our traditions to this date. Have a private lesson from our instrustor.
Armor donning can be arranged with an additional payment of 3000 yen.

    Phone: 090-3691-8165
            Location:   Jidai Academy, 6-3-5 Tabata, Kitaku, Tokyo  

        Ninja / Samurai Experience (with an interpreter)

 Time slot

Weekday & Sun 10:00, 13:30  16:00   Sat: 10:00, 12:30  15:00, 17:30

                               Five basic techniques!   2 hours


¥15,000 per person      minimum number of participant:1
Anyone under 11 must be accompanied by a participating guardian. 
¥1,500 per spectator over 12 years old.
1-5 guests (1 instructor ninja, 1 interpreter )  

 E-01- A  Ninja

Meditation→Instructor Demo→Change to our gi (outfit)
Ninja star--- Blowgun--Namba---short sword→Meditative movements
→photo time

 E-02-A Samurai

Meditation-Demo-Change to Hakama
Reiho---Boshuriken---to handle a sword---to wield a sword
Stances---Sword fighting Kata

                            Three basic techniques!   90 minutes


¥12,000 per person      minimum number of participants:2

E-01-B  Ninja

Meditation→Instructor Demonstration→Wear a hakama
Ninja Star---Blowgun---Meditative movements→photo time

 E-02-B Samurai

Meditation-Demo-Hakama wearing--Reiho--Stances-Short Kata

 E-03-A   Ninja &   Samurai

Exclusive Ninja and Samurai certicicate course.  4 hours

¥30,000 per person    minumum number of participant:2
The charge includes interpreter and membership fees 


Ninja Delivery Serivce for your party or event

                 To come to Jidai Academy Dojo
Our English speaking member will meet you at Tabata JR Station North Gate.
Yamanote line or Keihin Tohoku line,        25min from JR Shinagawa Station 190 yen
17min from JR Shinjuku Station 160 yen,  14min from JR Tokyo Station 160 yen